September 02, 2004

German Yellow Page for Bangladeshi Garments Exporters

GelbeSeiten - machen das Leben leichter

This page at this link list several German Companies who regularly imports goods from Bangladeshi Exporters. I think this link will be helpful for Bangladeshi Woven & Knitwear Manufacturers & Exporters.

Note: This site is in German Language. You can use to utilize the site.

SME Directories in Bangladesh

A Blog on SME Directories in Bangladesh


Bangladesh's export earnings carries more than 60% contribution from the Garments, Apparel, and Knitwear Industry. The industry itself is one of the biggest Garments Industry in the world along with Thailand, India, and Mexico.

Starting from Buttons, labels, apparel papers, threads, and all other products are found here. Even services like dying, washing, ironing are also found in the corners of Industrial areas of Bangladesh. This happened because the demand for these industries are here. e.g. A Canadian button manufacturer would not make buttons in Canada, when their buttons are going to Bangladesh and coming back to Canada. So, it would be wise to establish the button factory in Bangladesh.

Therefore, you can find so many SMEs related to the Garments Industry here in Bangladesh. The link of this Blog Title is one of my blog which can help you find some information about how to find Garments Industry dealers (manufacturers, exporters, stock lot traders, accessories traders, etc.).

Note: Don't be surprised to find that 6 out of each 10 SMEs in Bangladesh are related to this Garment Industry.

Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Associations (BGMEA)

Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA)

BGMEA is the largest export-oriented trade association in Bangladesh. And it is the community for the nationally acclaimed and largest export earning industry, i.e. the Garments and Apparel Industry of Bangladesh. The community has various corporate entities, like - manufacturers, processors, buying houses, textile consultants, investors, indenters, importers, and exporters.
BGMEA is attested by government bodies in Bangladesh by Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) and Ministry of Textile and Jute (MoTJ). It is also acclaimed by many international orginizations like WTO, ILO, UNCTAD. Moreover, it is supported by largest export earning industry.
When Bangladesh Knitwear Manufacturer and Exporter Association (BKMEA) was established, BGMEA has remained the largest association of companies mainly related to woven garments. However, the association never mentions or attest that they represent the woven garments portion of the total garments industry in Bangladesh, since they serve both woven and knit industries.


The site of BGMEA is the major site, if you are looking for Bangladesh's Apparel and Garments related information, news, companies, and updates. i.e. the site is authoritative for information on the Textile and Garments Industry of Bangladesh.

The site also has a large directory of Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers, Textile Consultants, Buying Houses, Apparel Exporters, Stocklot Dealers, etc. Below is massive list of these companies available in BGMEA site.

Note: The telephone number of the Garments and Apparel Dealers you see above, are based on Bangladeshi local dialing. If you want to call the numbers, then please add +88 or 0088, before the numbers. Bangladesh's code is +880, but avoid double zeros after +880.